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Nokia Certifications

Nokia Exams

  • 4A0-100 - Nokia Scalable IP Networks
  • 4A0-102 - Nokia Border Gateway Protocol
  • 4A0-103 - Nokia Multiprotocol Label Switching
  • 4A0-104 - Nokia Services Architecture
  • 4A0-105 - Nokia Virtual Private LAN Services
  • 4A0-106 - Nokia Virtual Private Routed Networks
  • 4A0-107 - Nokia Quality of Service
  • 4A0-108 - Nokia Multicast Protocols
  • 4A0-111 - Nokia Network and Service Router Security
  • 4A0-114 - Nokia Border Gateway Protocol Fundamentals for Services
  • 4A0-115 - Nokia Ethernet Virtual Private Network Services
  • 4A0-116 - Nokia Segment Routing
  • 4A0-205 - Nokia Optical Networking Fundamentals
  • 4A0-AI1 - Nokia NSP IP Network Automation Professional Composite Exam
  • 4A0-C02 - Nokia SRA Composite Exam
  • 4A0-M02 - Nokia Mobile Gateways
  • 4A0-M03 - Nokia Mobility Manager
  • 4A0-M05 - Nokia Cloud Packet Core
  • 4A0-M10 - Nokia 5G Packet Core Architecture
  • BL0-100 - Nokia Bell Labs End-to-End 5G Foundation Exam
  • BL0-220 - Nokia Bell Labs Distributed Cloud Networks

Nokia Corporation is a Finnish multinational information technology, consumer electronics, and telecommunications company founded in 1865. Starting as a pulp mill, since the 1990s Nokia has focused on technology development, licensing, and large-scale telecommunications infrastructure. Moreover, they contributed a lot to the development of the mobile telephony industry by participating in the development of LTE, 3G, and GSM.

At the moment, the headquarters of Nokia is located in Espoo, Finland, and the total number of employees is more than 92,000 in 100 countries around the world. It should be noted that today Nokia consists of two business groups, Nokia Networks and Nokia Technologies, as well as a number of subsidiaries and affiliates.


It’s not a secret that Nokia is a globally renowned provider of networking technologies for industries such as transportation, public sector, energy, logistics, as well as healthcare and finance. Therefore, there are many Nokia products and solutions related to 5G, automation, data center infrastructure, IP networks, cyber security, optical networks, and the Internet of Things.

For customers, Nokia also offers different models of phones, home WiFi, smart TVs, laptops, smart lighting, and streaming devices.


The Nokia Service Routing Certification (SRC) program is a set of three certifications whose main purpose is to prepare professionals to perform various duties related to service routing by focusing on the development of practical skills and best practices.

  • Nokia Certified Network Routing Specialist I (NRS I) qualification which focuses on routing VPN services and IP network fundamentals. Therefore, this qualification is suitable for applicants who have minimal knowledge of IP and Ethernet technologies. However, after studying TCP/IP Multi-Layer Model, Internet addressing, routing protocols, and MPLS Tunneling in the training, candidates will have to take the 4A0-100 exam and sit the NRS certificate I for the Nokia certification program.
  • Nokia Certified Network Routing Specialist II (NRS II) designation covers the routing process of Nokia IP / MPLS services. Therefore, applicants can be specialists with a solid knowledge of basic routing aspects as well as IP / MPLS network, Internet routing protocols, and implementation of Nokia services. To obtain this qualification all applicants will have to successfully pass 1 lab exam and complete 4 written tests.
  • Nokia Certified Service Routing Architect (SRA) certification is required for professionals involved in supporting the performance and design of Nokia Service Router networks. Thus, this certification is excellent for engineers to achieve their goal of becoming a pro in building and supporting service routers. For this, all applicants must take a one-day lab exam as well as seven mandatory and one optional written test.

Furthermore, a Nokia Optical Network Certification (ONC) Program is intended for candidates who’ve set the goal to build a career of an Optical Network Professional, Optical Network Design Expert, Optical Network Services Expert, and Optical Network Architect. Through this accreditation pathway, candidates can complete relevant training and gain 4 qualifications that meet the requirements of various optical networking roles. In addition, the program covers Network Functions Manager and Nokia 1830 Photonic Service Switch (PSS) skills for transport networks (NFM-T). Regarding the designations to opt for, they are the following ones:

  • Nokia Optical Network Professional Certification is an entry-level accreditation that checks your understanding of optical networking essentials.It covers the principles and fundamentals of WDM transmission, network element architecture, core network design, and network management based on the Nokia 1830 PSS.
  • Nokia Optical Network Services Expert Certification is an intermediate level designation designed for engineers who want to have solid skills in Optical Networking, become proficient in this sphere, and complete the tasks related to service provisioning, transport technologies, key aspects of network design, as well as optical network management.
  • Nokia Optical Network Design Expert Certification is also an intermediate level certification aimed at intermediate and senior-level professionals whose aim is to upgrade their knowledge and skills in network design. They also want to develop expertise in site optimization, OTN, node architecture, and GMPLS.
  • Nokia Optical Network Architect Certification is intended for professionals of the intermediate and senior-levels that possess top-notch skills to complete the tasks related to managing, designing, diagnosing, and troubleshooting advanced optical networks based on the Nokia 1830 PSS.

But the Nokia qualification path doesn't stop there, as the Cloud Packet Core Certification Program, which offers Nokia Cloud Packet Core Expert Certification, proves a candidate's expertise to implement Nokia Cloud Packet Core to deliver 4G/LTE services and ensure a successful transition to 5G.

And if you're looking for comprehensive training that covers SD-WAN and data center deployment, you might want to check out the Nuage Networks Virtuoso Certification Program (NN-VCP). There are many training tools and qualifications tracks available so that you can establish yourself as a savvy software-defined networking professional and build a successful career. For instance:

  • Nuage Networks Professional – Software Defined Datacenter (NNP SD-DC) Certification
  • Nuage Networks Professional – Software Defined WAN (NNP SD-WAN) Certification
  • Nuage Networks Virtual Services Platform Installation Specialist (NNIS) Certification
  • Nuage Networks Expert – Software Defined Datacenter (NNE SD-DC) Certification
  • Nuage Networks Expert – Software Defined WAN (NNE SD-WAN) Certification
  • Nuage Networks Virtuoso (NNV) Certification


Each accreditation pathway provides comprehensive instructor-led or self-paced training courses that cover not only the theoretical background but also sufficient practical training to develop the necessary technical skills. Taking a course that suits you most is also an excellent tool for achieving your goal as quickly as possible.

In addition, Nokia offers free courses designed to help candidates study on their own. While the practice exams will help everyone assess their level of readiness and get a closer look at the structure of the upcoming exam.