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Certification: Cisco IOS XR Specialist

Certification Full Name: Cisco IOS XR Specialist

Certification Provider: Cisco

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Cisco IOS XR Specialist Certification Info

The Best Way to Prepare for Cisco IOS XR Specialist Certification

Cisco IOS (Internetworking Operating System) is the software which works on majority of Cisco's routers and recent network switches. Of the various versions of IOS, IOS XR is the extensively used IOS in Cisco's high-end routers like CRS-1 and ASR9000 series. In order to expertise IT professionals in using IOS XR software, Cisco has created IOS XR Specialist certification. This certification is mainly for advanced level network engineers who desire to work upon Cisco IOS XR. This certificate guarantees that the network engineer will be able to use advanced facilities, maintain low cost network using Cisco IOS XR.

Candidates who are willing to gain this certificate should be an expert in networks. Entry level professionals will feel very hard to pass this exam. There is no pre-requisites for this certificate. Professionals should pass the IMTXR exam to certify themselves as an apt Cisco IOS XR Specialist. This is a 90 minute exam and it investigates the candidate's skill in using Cisco IOS XR, its implementation, testing, using of base router and maintaining Cisco core and edge technologies, understanding FPD, configuring it and upgrading. This exam covers the topics such as installing of network operating system, various router firmware and architecture, identifying different routers, OS configuration, different types of configuration, understanding difference between Admin and Exec plane, authorization, different processes, their state and how to rectify blocked ones, LPTS, memory utilization, EEM and Parser, Control Plane (configuration, ISIS, BGP), Data Plane (ACL, QoS, Netflow, IP Multicast) and Management Plane (SNMP on IOS-XR, logging services, SSH Access, Telnet Access, XML management, NTP, SDRs). Cisco provides training for this exam through Implementing and Maintaining Cisco Technologies Using IOS XR (IMTXR) course. This training is conveyed by Cisco Certified Instructors.

Candidate willing to attend IMTXR course should have basic awareness about router installation, some hands-on experience in installation tools, routing protocol configuration, layer 2 IEEE switching, its protocols, MPLS or multicast configuration and security implementation in Cisco routers. They should also possess experience in troubleshooting Cisco routers in a large network environment. This course consists of five modules. Each deals with various branches of Cisco IOS XR.

  1. First module deals with software platforms which includes architecture, power supply, maintaining the environment of operation and hardware inventory.
  2. The second module deals with IOS-XR operating system. This includes maintaining, monitoring, troubleshooting and configuring the OS.
  3. The third module works on IOS XR Control Plane. This deals with maintaining, addressing and static routing using IOS XR, maintaining OSPF, ISIS, BGP and routing policies.
  4. The fourth module consists of IOS XR Data Plane which deals with implementing general forwarding, packet filtering, QoS, Netflow, IP Multicast.
  5. The last module deals with IOS XR Management Plane. It teaches remote administrative access, secure domain routers, SNMP and logging.

This course prepare the candidate in the best way to attain the certificate. It provides the hands-on experience and in depth knowledge into Cisco IOS XR software. It also provides knowledge in other equipment which runs on this operating system like CSR family, ASR 9000 and XR12000 product lines. By attending this course work and preparing all the modules involved, one can prepare in the best way to get certified as Cisco IOS XR Specialist.