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Genesys Certifications

  • GCP-GC - Genesys Cloud Certified Professional
  • GCP8-CVP - Voice Platform 8 Consultant

Genesys Exams

  • CIC-101-01 - CIC Core - PureConnect
  • GCP-GC-ADM - Genesys Cloud Certified Professional - Contact Center Admin
  • GCP-GC-ARC - Genesys Cloud Architect Certified Specialist
  • GCP-GC-IMP - Genesys Cloud Certified Professional - Implementation
  • GCP-GC-REP -
  • GCP-GCX - Genesys Cloud CX Certified Professional - Consolidated
  • GE0-803 - GCP8-System Consultant Voice Platform
  • GE0-806 - GCP8-System Consultant, Genesys WFM
  • GE0-807 - Genesys Certified Professional 8 - System Consultant, Outbound Voice

Genesys or also Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories, a U.S.-based multinational company that develops call center and customer experience solutions for both large and mid-sized businesses. Moreover, they are providers of both cloud-based and hybrid cloud-based software.

The company was founded in 1990 by Alec Miloslavsky and Gregory Shenkkman. And today, Genesys is headquartered in Daly City, California, and has numerous offices in Europe, Africa, China, Latin America, Canada, and the Middle East. While the total workforce is more than 5,500 employees.


It's no secret that Genesys is the world leader in contact center and cloud customer experience technologies. What's more, the software supplied is not only available in the cloud, but also locally.

Thus, the most requested Genesys products are:

  • Genesys Cloud CX versatile software that combines agent and customer capabilities via phone, chat, email, social channels, and text messaging.
  • GenesysMulticloud CX the latest solution that enables large-scale digital transformation and competitive quality of customer service.
  • Genesys DX a product aimed at improving chatbots through human support and artificial intelligence.
  • PureConnect Genesys product that allows you to manage the customer experience in contact centers.
  • Genesys Engage Genesys universal solution for call centers.

Certification program

Genesys has developed a comprehensive and tiered professional accreditation program across numerous Genesys product platforms. Thus, all Genesys partners, employees, and customers can obtain a number of technical qualifications, which are divided into 3 main categories:

Genesys Cloud certification program for Genesys partners is fundamental for Genesys cloud implementation specialists.

  • Genesys Cloud Certified Associate (GCA-GC) for administrators, supervisors, and junior consultants looking to efficiently perform Genesys-ready functions. This certification is not a prerequisite for the professional level designation (GCP-GC). And the associate-level exam can be taken until January, 31, 2022. After earning the GCA-GC certificate, it will be valid for 2 years.
  • Genesys Cloud Certified Professional (GCP-GC) for technicians with some Genesys experience and the ability to perform standard functions including configuration, troubleshooting, and implementation support. It requires three exams regarding skills in contact center administration, implementation, as well as reporting and analytics.
  • Genesys Cloud Certified Professional Recertification (GCP-GC-R) for those wishing to renew their expiring GCP-GC certificate through the appropriate test.
  • Genesys Cloud Certified Developer (GCD-GC) for telephony specialists, system integrators, and other Genesys partners who want to develop efficient applications through Platform Software Development Kit. The certificate is awarded after passing three exams that are specialized in contact center administration, implementation, and API developer.
  • Genesys Cloud Certified Specialist (GCS-GC) for GCP-GC or GCD-GC qualification holders seeking a narrower specialization related to Genesys Cloud. For example, the Genesys Cloud Architect Certified Specialist, Genesys Cloud Workforce Management Certified Specialist, Genesys Cloud Scripting Certified Specialist, and other designations are available.

Pure Connect accreditation program designed for Genesys partners. These certifications are valid for 3 years and to recertify, you are to sit for the ICHD, ICCE, or IDCE exams.

  • Interaction Center Certified Engineer (ICCE)
  • Interaction Center Core Specialist (for customers only)
  • Interaction Dialer Certified Engineer (IDCE)
  • Interaction Center Handler Developer (ICHD)

Genesys Engage qualification pathway for Genesys partners that includes core and specializations certificates.

Core Genesys Certified Professional accreditations:

  • InboundVoice 8.5 Consultant
  • SIP Server 8 Consultant
  • VoicePlatform 8.5 Consultant

Genesys Certified Professional accreditations (Specialization):

  • Workforce Management 8.5 Consultant
  • Interaction Recording 8.5 Consultant
  • E-Services 8.5 Consultant

Genesys Certified Developer accreditations (Specialization):

  • Composer Routing 8.1 Developer
  • Platform SDK 8.5 Developer

Genesys Certified Support accreditations (Specialization):

  • CIM 8 Troubleshooting Support


Importantly, Genesys offers an extensive catalog of self-study, instructor-led online courses, and instructor-led offline courses for every Genesys product. In this way, you can find training programs that fit your role, including training for system administrators, business users, and developers.