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Certification: IBM Certified Specialist - SPSS Statistics Level 1 v2

Certification Full Name: IBM Certified Specialist - SPSS Statistics Level 1 v2

Certification Provider: IBM

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IBM Certified Specialist - SPSS Statistics Level 1 v2 Certification Exam

C2020-011 - IBM SPSS Statistics Level 1 v2 Exam

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IBM Certified Specialist - SPSS Statistics Level 1 v2 Certification Info

Certification Overview:

The SPSS Statistics Level 1 v2 is among those certifications which help the researchers conduct their research with some descriptive statistics. SPSS is reliable software which is used by researchers in many disciplines, no matter whether they belong to psychology, economics or marketing. The main purpose of this certificate is to be able to use the data for the data analysis of various types.

Who can do this certification?

The target audience for this certification is mainly the individuals who possess the knowledge about the IBM SPSS version 15 or the higher one. It targets those individuals who are engaged in some research, or are some statisticians, analysts or academia persons. Many people in PhD use this certification to benefit from the results generated. The ability to do the data analysis, predictive analysis, some statistical research and the quantitative market research has made this certification perfect for the researchers.


The benefit of this certification is that one can show the proof that he has gained some proficiency in the SPSS software and is proficient in data mining, data collection, text analytics and the data analysis. Almost every company uses SPSS now since excel are not used anymore. So having the knowledge about it and this certificate can assure a researcher some good help in the projects and can also assure the better future. This course helps the individuals to get the basic information and guidelines which are important for getting a better understanding so SPSS. By studying this course, one can enable himself to explore some broad data range. Also, the investigations for the data can be made and even those investigations can be tested. One can also learn how to use the software in a fruitful manner which can result in great graphical representation of the results.

Associated Exam:

IBM SPSS Level 1 v2 exam is the composite one and it is associated with a certification, which is the IBM Specialist certified Network Associate certification exam. For getting into the Hall of Certified Specialists of IBM, one must take this exam to get through and this exam is also necessary for taking the CCNA exams and the professional certifications like CCSP, CCNP etc.


To getthe hands on the certification, one would have to pass through the IBM SPSS Statistics Level 1v2 exam. The recommended training before applying for the exams contains the courses whichinclude the introduction to the SPSS Statistics. Another course it includes is of the Statistical Analysis with help of IBM SPSS and the third course that one should go through is the Data Manipulation and the data Management using the SPSS. The duration of each course is 2 days. During this training, one can require some extensive skills which are related to the general operation of SPSS, Data description, Data reading and defining, data management and some basic of the exploringand editing of the data.

Examination Overview

The topics covered in the test are pretty wide and following are the topics which are repeatedly mostly;

  1. Descriptive Analysis
  2. Regression
  3. Data Analysis
  4. Data Management
  5. Dispersion

These are just a few of the topics which are covered. In fact in this exam, pretty much of everything about the SPPS software is covered and one should make sure to learn about the SPSS well before going for the exam. Also, the duration of the exam is 90 minutes. Candidates would be facing 55 questions. The passing criterion that has been set for this exam is 67%. The exam is available only in English language.

Validity of Certification:

Like many other certifications, this certification does not expire but can be upgraded when new upgraded versions are introduced. Once someone passes the exam, he gets to keep the certificate as the proof of his abilities for the rest of the time.

Steps Involved in Certifications:

The candidate should go through the following steps to get passed through this exam;

  1. Candidate should go through the training courses which are mentioned above since they provide some comprehensive information about the SPSS software and about how to use it for data handling and analysis.
  2. The training should be done for some time so that GUI of the software becomes familiar.
  3. The voucher for the test should be bought since without fee, one cannot give the test.

Expert Review:

The certification would help the candidate have the abilities to create some complete portfolios of the companies and the products they offer using the data collection and the models of statistics. Also, the future can be predicted though this data so one should invest some money, time and energy in this exam so that new doors for future can get opened for him.

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