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Pegasystems Certifications

  • Pega CPBA - Certified Pega Business Architect
  • Pega CPDC - Certified Pega Decisioning Consultant
  • Pega CPMC - Certified Marketing Consultant
  • Pega CRSA - Certified Robotics System Architect
  • Pega CSA - Certified System Architect
  • Pega CSSA - Certified Senior System Architect
  • Pega PCDC - Pega Certified Decisioning Consultant
  • Pega PCRSA - Pega Certified Robotics System Architect
  • Pega PCSA - Pega Certified System Architect

Pegasystems Exams

Pegasystems Inc. is a leading global company that develops and trades software. It is headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts and owns offices in Europe and Asia. It was founded in 1983 by Alan Trefler. Since 1996, this company has been involved in public-trading and NASDAQ exchange with the symbol PEGA.

Pegasystems has acquired Antenna Software - mobile application platform building company - and enterprise software company Chordiant in recent years.


Pega Cloud™ offers an ideal solution for operating the Pega applications in the cloud. Pega Cloud serves the existing data center and ensures enterprise-standard security, reliability, rigid performance & excellent business agility. Pega Cloud delivers high-quality physical and network security through 99.95 percent SLA. Nightly backups are accumulated in three data centers applying different Tier-1 carriers, onsite backup generators & power grids to guarantee business continuity.

Certification Paths

  • The CPBA Certification validates that when a Certified Pega Business Architect participates in the design and construction of a PRPC application they possess the fundamental, essential PRPC skills and knowledge that must be applied to ensure success.
  • CCA Certification is offered to the System Architects to develop the PRPC expertises needed to deploy the contact center application.
  • CCMBB Certification has been designed for the Business Analysts & Project Managers interested in Pegasystems methodology, DCO, Project Methodology Frameworks (PMF) and Test Management Frameworks (TMF).
  • CSA Certification is offered to the developers & technical staff members having expertise on Pega applications. It is the baseline measurement of PRPC-knowledge.
  • CSSA Certification has been designed for the Certified System Architects who can implement PRPC to design and construct through multiple business sectors.
  • CLSA Certification is provided to the Certified Senior System Architects who are interested to work with PRPC projects.